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Opportunities for Volunteers

Supervision and participation in Public service

One of the tasks we always need volunteers for is supervising and participating with our workers in the public service we do. Public service, or to put it plainly, picking up garbage off the streets, is hot and dirty work, there is no doubt about it. But it is also very satisfying to see areas transformed and know that the work one is doing is important. It is doubly satisfying when local people come up and sincerely thank you, as they often do, for the work you are doing. And it is also always a boost for our workers to have volunteers joining them in their work.

Supervision of Garbage collection & segregation
Volunteers also supervise our workers in daily garbage collections to make sure all our customers are being covered every day, and where organic waste is being collected, to make sure it is being segregated properly between organic and inorganic. Old habits die hard and hotel and restaurant staff are always changing, so ongoing education in proper segregation is the order of the day.

 Cleanup Campaigns
As a volunteer you will also be able to help us plan, organize and take part in the regular cleanup campaigns we do around our project area. These are exciting events sometimes attended by over a hundred people. See “What’s New” for dates for the next Cleanup day.

For College Students
As well as the above if you are a college student, we can offer you a broad range of experience working with us as a volunteer. And when you finish your stay with us you will be awarded a Certificate from Clean Himalaya and a letter of appreciation.

Be part of the home visits we do around our local villages where we speak to families about waste management, joining Clean Himalaya and health and safety issues.

Contribute to our educational events at local schools and colleges.
Initiate a new campaign to expand the project. We have many ideas ourselves of projects we would like to start but just don’t have the time to develop ourselves.
We will soon be starting a composting site for all our organic waste. Come and help us develop it and learn skills you will have for life. 

For those with Management Experience
Come and help us improve our working system. Spend some time with Clean Himalaya and experience how our project is operating. Your expertise could be very valuable and throw light on how we can manage our project more effectively. 

Multi tasking
In addition volunteers who are willing to multi-task is incredibly helpful and will definitely make you feel right at the heart of the project, because that is what most of us are doing.

We always need help with general computer and graphic skills, with electrical or building skills, arts and crafts and sewing skills and organizational and writing skills. 

Supporting your stay with us
We greatly value your willingness to volunteer with us, but unfortunately we are not in a position to support you financially during the duration of your stay. Please take care of your own accommodation and food requirements.


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