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Getting involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the work that Clean Himalaya is doing, why not come and volunteer with us?


There are many reasons you might want to work with us as a volunteer. First of all the work we are doing, even if it is on a relatively small scale, is a significant way that you can directly affect the most urgent problem we currently face as a human race—global warming and environmental degradation. And you will be taking direct action on these issues in an area of great concern not only nationally, but internationally—the Himalayas and the River Ganges.


You will also be helping develop on a grass roots level, understanding, technologies, and private and public cooperation towards meeting one of India’s biggest challenges as a developing nation—proper waste management.


The experience of working as a volunteer for Clean Himalaya, as a westerner or as an Indian, will give you a rich experience of real life in India at a fundamental level. Volunteers work very intimately with our workers, with the Clean Himalaya core team and with a whole diversity of local people.  It is impossible to overemphasize how rewarding this experience can be. And of course you cannot get more down to the basic aspects of life than working with people’s garbage and all the related health issues!  

Our hope is to involve many more volunteers, from our local community, from all over India and other countries around the world, not only to help our workers with key aspects of the project, but to greatly expand the work we are doing. There is wide scope for creative engagement and new initiatives.


There is no specific length of time that we ask volunteer’s to join us for. In fact those of us who are in Clean Himalaya’s core group all began as volunteers. At the same time we welcome volunteers to join us for anything from participating in one of our cleanup days to as long as you feel inspired to remain with us.


Go to the next section to find out about the specific kind of opportunities we can offer you working as a volunteer for Clean Himalaya.


“At this juncture in human history, the evolution of our species requires one thing and one thing only—our conscious, wholehearted participation.” – Andrew Cohen



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