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Extending the conversation
Extending the conversation

We also see it as an important part of our mission to extend the conversation about environmental issues, organizational concerns and how to effectively bring about change, beyond our own organization, to other NGO’s and leading thinkers and activists in India.

We want to discuss shared issues and ways we might co-operate together to solve them, and look into broader philosophical and spiritual questions that might have the potential to transform our perspective on what we are doing and how effective we can be.

Because Clean Himalaya has a spiritual as well as an environmental basis to it, we believe that the inner and the outer need to work together. We think we need to change the world from the inside out, and find every way we can to expand our consciousness so that our collective values are always developing.

How can we come together to affect change in the world, in the infrastructures of our society and governmental institutions, in such a way that the solutions we are providing are always being informed by a higher and more inclusive perspective?

In this light, one of our board members, Mr. Gaurahari Mishra, retired Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, for the state of Orissa, India, was invited to an international conference of foresters in Sweden.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how environmental education and awareness, particularly in connection with Global Warming, could be transmitted to the general population through various faiths. The invitees were requested to search their scriptures for teachings about the relationship between God and Creation or spirituality and the environment. A proposal based upon the deliberations from this conference was submitted to the United Nations.

When Mr. Mishra returned to India from Sweden, he visited Sivananda Ashram, and was requested to speak on this topic both to guests and residents at their evening satsang as well as to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, which includes students from all over India.

Also in January 2008, Clean Himalayas Director of Education, Steve Brett and Dr.Sridhar Pingali, both students of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, gave a presentation at The World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in New Delhi, about Clean Himalaya and what an “enlightened activism” could look like and why it is important for our future.

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