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School and College events



One of the best ways we are finding to create awareness in the public about environmental issues and proper waste management is through children and young adults in the school system. They are open-minded, full of interest and enthusiasm and can pass on what they learn to their families, friends and neighbours.


In May 2008 Ashish Jain, one of Clean Himalaya’s board members, Manager of IPCA, a very large waste management NGO in East Delhi, gave two inspiring and practical talks about the environment at schools in the area. One at Tapovan Inter School located in the middle of our service area, which 40 children attended. And one at Omkarananda Saraswati Nilayam in Kailash Gate, which 200 children and young adults attended. The talks were very well received and the children participated fully and had lots of informed suggestions and comments to make. The talks were followed by an essay competition in which prizes were given for the best ones by our manager, Jitendra Kumar.

A painting competition was also held in May 2008 at the Sacha Dam school in Laxman Jhula for younger children and a debate for undergraduates at Omkarananda Technical College in Tapovan.



In 2009 we are continuing our work in local schools. We are learning as we go along that it is not that difficult for students to absorb knowledge about environmental issues. Many young people today know a lot about global warming, CO2 emissions, carbon credit and what have you. But what we really need is young people that want to get involved—future leaders in the field. In this light we want to encourage young adults to visit our project, get involved in the work we are doing and come up with ideas of their own of ways to educate the local community and improve the waste management, pollution and health issues that affect us and our planet.


We are currently showing a power point presentation in local schools which features a section on developing India, the beauty of the Ganga and Himalayas, building development in the Rishikesh area, how the Clean Himalaya project began, graphs showing our progress and all aspects of our work, our clean-up campaigns, interspersed with sections of film footage and interviews.


Let us know if you would like us to come and show our presentation and talk about our work in your school or college.





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