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Education-a key factor
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Education-a key factor

Perhaps the most significant factor contributing to the environmental degradation we are confronting every day in our work in Clean Himalaya is the lack of education and civic awareness.

For example two people will look at a pile of burning garbage on the side of the road. One will think, 'that's a very efficient way of getting rid of garbage'. The other will be horrified, knowing the effect breathing in the toxic fumes will have on the respiratory system, as well as the nitrous oxide and other noxious chemicals that will be released into the atmosphere, increasing global warming. The difference in perspective boils down to education or the lack of it.

For this reason a significant part of our work in Clean Himalaya, is aimed at educating the local community in why we need to care for the environment and how practically to do it.

This falls into several categories:

1. Visiting local businesses, hotels, restaurants, rafting camps and homes to speak about the importance of caring for the environment, about the urgency of global warming, about basic health issues, proper waste management including segregating garbage at source, and why they should join Clean Himalaya so that we can recycle their garbage.

2. Placing public signs and banners in strategic spots around the area with simple environmental messages and encouragement to join Clean Himalaya and our mission.

3. Organizing clean-up drives for specific areas and encouraging the local community and schools, rafting companies and western travelers to get involved.

4. Distribution of our brochure which describes our work and practical tips on reducing global warming, and other educational leaflets on global warming and how to segregate.

5. Arranging talks, slide shows, essay and painting competitions and debates in local schools and colleges. Inviting school parties and anyone interested to visit our project. Encouraging children and young adults to educate their parents in environmental issues and join us in our clean-up campaigns.



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